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Resources for Designers to grow through Human qualities in the age of AI.

Dear Designer,

In this day and age, it takes more than technical skills to be successful as a designer for most of us.

Especially with the advancement of AI, we are witnessing how the technical aspect of the design is being disrupted.

Bringing our human qualities into our design careers is now more important than ever.

Below are several resources on this matter. I'm confident you will find them useful.

Your designer friend.



Tough Love Letters from a DesignereBook

Tough Love Letters from a Designer

Unlock your full potential as a Designer, gain new perspectives and break free from self-limitations with the collection of inspiring and honest letters born out of Tough-Love

Dear Designer,

You have a beautiful soul and a gentle heart. You are kind. I love and appreciate these qualities.

However, it pains me to see that you might be holding yourself back from reaching your full potential. It frustrates me to witness how you're making your career and life unnecessarily difficult by being overly accommodating and not standing up for yourself.

I know that you have so much more to offer and achieve, and it hurts me to see you settle for less.

So, here I'm using the pages in this book to pour out my inner screams to help you unlock your full potential as a Designer, gain new perspectives and break free from self-limitations.

This is not a place to be offended.

This is the time to reflect on your actions and be honest with yourself.

You have the power to break free from the limitations you've set for yourself and become a stronger, braver designer. So, please take this as a reminder of your potential and a call to action to start living up to it.


Designer MindsetCourse (WIP)

Designer Mindset

20+ Human Skills to grow your value as a designer and earn a 6+ figure income without sacrificing your life to design software or losing your job to AI Tools.

Dear Designer

Figma, Framer, etc skills will get you so far in your design career, especially in this day and age of Artificial Intelligence (AI)!

These days, there are a ton of designers who know how to use design software. With all the free videos and courses available online, it's become easier than ever to pick up these skills. Plus, with the advancement of AI, we are witnessing how rapidly AI is already replacing technical work (icon design, defining typographic scale, etc.) What is it then if it is not the technical design skills?

I do not deny the importance of hard skills here, there are countless resources out there that can teach you how to use Figma, Framer, etc. I encourage you to take advantage of them. After all, being able to bring your vision to life with the right tools is a crucial part of the design process. it's also essential to appreciate the process itself and understand how each step contributes to the final outcome. Either via designing it directly or making use of AI tools.

Mastering hard skills is important, but it's not enough if you want to succeed in the design world.

To be relevant in the day and age of AI, earn a high income, stand out, and work on dream projects with ideal clients, you'll need to develop your human skills such as communication, creativity, leadership, problem-solving, empathy and more. These are all essential skills for success as a designer.

By investing in these skills, you'll be better equipped to collaborate, communicate, and create designs that truly resonate. You will be the designer who benefits from AI advancement and grow instead of living in fear of being replaced by an AI tool.

Topics we will cover:

  1. Confidence
  2. Communication
  3. Negotiation
  4. Self Learning
  5. Relax Attitude (be the calmest person in the room)
  6. Critical Thinking
  7. Collaboration, Teamwork
  8. Questioning
  9. Conflict Resolution
  10. Decision Making
  11. Empathy
  12. Leadership
  13. Listening
  14. Patience
  15. Problem-Solving
  16. Project Management
  17. Resilience
  18. Strategy
  19. Time Management
  20. Curiosity
  21. Bonus



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